Joe’s Awesome Wings

Five of Joe’s awesome wings.Red Hot, Lemon Pepper, Honey Garlic, Joe`s Inferno, Cajun, Maple Bacon, Dry BBQ, Joe’s Root beer BBQ, Salt & Pepper.  6.00

Joe’s Deep Fried Dill Pickles

FiveCrisp Dill Pickles, battered and deep fried to perfection, served with ranch dressing.  6.00

Snake Bites

FiveHot & Spicy tender Chicken balls. 6.00


4 Pork ribs, deep fried and seasoned with garlic butter, cracked salt & pepper,

and a dash of lime juice.  7.00

Cod Bites

Ten Tender Cod chunks with Crunchy Potato coating. Served with Tartar Sauce 7.00


Grilled Focaccia bread, topped with Joe’s Bruschetta mix& parmesan cheese.  8.00

Joe’s Leaning Tower of Nachos

A layered stack of nachos chips, ground beef, onions, black olives, banana peppers, mixed peppers, a blend of cheeses & Joe’s secret ingredients.  18.00…half14.00

Dare to Share

Head of Garlic, Roasted in Basil Olive oil, warmedBrie Cheese round, Sliced Ciabatta bun & Bruschetta.  16.00

Watermelon Salad

A delicious combination of fresh watermelon, red onions, feta cheese, heritage lettuce with Thai lemongrass & lime mint dressing.  14.00    Add prawns 6.00   Add Tequila prawns 7.00

 Joes Happy Platter

Five Awesome wings with choice of flavouring, five deep fried pickles, five snake bites, ten cod bites, 4 ribbits & ranch dressing, surrounded by Joe’s nacho chips. 29.00


Ranch Dressing, Blue Cheese, Sour Cream, Salsa, Honey mustard, Plum, Root beer BBQ  1.00