Wine List

Wine list

House Wines glass (Dry White, Chardonnay, Shiraz)  6.00


House Wines ½ Carafe 14.00  Carafe 25.00


Larch Hills, Ortega  White

A German varietal, delicious tropical, crisp off-dry finish. 29.00


Larch Hills, Madeline Angeline (Mad Angie) White

French varietal.  fruity aroma.  Clean, crisp & dry. 28.00


Larch Hills, Merlot  Red

Attractive blackberry & cherry bouquet.  with a hint of almond,

against a tangy, well-balanced framework. 28.00


Larch Hills, Grandview Bench Red

Blend of Marechal Foch, Lemberger& Merlot.  Medium bodied,

very light tannin and a warm finish. 29.00


Monte Creek Ranch, Cabernet Sauvignon Red

grippy tannin, spicy oak, and a prolonged finish.  49.00


Honey Mead

Honey, mountain water and ancient spices.  Pairs easily with cheeses,

desserts, savory and spicy foods. 49.00



Ancient Hill Estates, Baco Noir

barrel aged. Bursting with dark, rich fruits. Black cherry, plum,

spicy, chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch on the  nose.

Soft but rich mouth feel with powerful flavours.  38.00